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Fun….yet also bad

Social media is definitely a fun source of entertainment. Take, for example, trending today on Twitter is #AmericaIn3Words, #FridayFeeling and #ExcuseForBeingLateIn4Words. Personally, these topics are interesting, fun, brain-less entertainment. (With being a manager for over 25 years, I could go on & on about that tweet trend! SMH!) I, myself, go on the internet and watch videos in my off-work downtime. Mindless entertainment. Between the home improvement sites, comedy sketches, political sites, entertainment video and sites, you can find it all on the internet. If you need to veg-out for a bit, the internet comes in handy!

In the work week, as a print manager, social media is the biggest pain in my rear when it comes to employees abusing the privilege. The Millennials and Generation Y (and some older generations also) have taken “can’t live without” to the next level. Cell phones, for example – a blessing and a curse. We grew up with no cell phones, however this new generation absolutely must have it on them 24/7. They MUST tweet about their lunch. OMG – what did I miss since this morning on Twitter? Bathroom breaks are getting longer and longer, and it’s NOT because people are eating more fiber. In my opinion, this is all not a good thing. They don’t know any better, it’s what they have grown up with. Between the parent and child there is a tremendous technology gap. Parents don’t see the need ALL OF THE TIME and the kids CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT IT!  Unfortunately, the social skills of these particular generations are poor. They are used to commenting, tweeting, Snapchatting, Instagramming, and texting – but not holding real, meaningful conversations with their family and friends. As social as they are online, they are anti-social when it comes to one-on-one conversations, it’s sad to see this trend.

Is this trend going to change, probably not. It will most likely get worse. Our schedules are so hectic with work, school, kids, social activities, etc… Vacations are no longer a choice, they are a necessity to keep our sanity. I think that we can get back to the basics with our social skills. Let’s take ques from the 1950s and eat together as a family, when possible. Put down our cell phones and hold real, meaningful conversations with our loved ones, no television tonight and go outside, take a walk or read a good book.  It will recharge your internal battery more than you think.

Is it ALL bad?

No, it is not! Social media connects missing loved ones, keeps the world informed of atrocities being committed and well as the good that still exists. Social media had increased revenue, created countless jobs as well as changed the “way of the world”. It has its great attributes.

Let’s slow things down to a crawl instead of a marathon. Slowing down will help in all aspects of our lives.



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