Is Printing DEAD?

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Can Printing Really Be DEAD?

The short answer, no.

While there are several arguments on both sides of this topic, I am looking at it from my perspective. With over 25 years in this industry I do not see it stopping anytime soon. While the industry has changed quite significantly, there is no sign that printing is dying (in my opinion). Sure, we have the customers that are trying to go paperless (from our experience that is damn near impossible). There ALWAYS needs to be some kind of paper trail for various areas of a company, whether it be invoices, accounting items, emails, etc…the list could go on! What worries me is the airlines no longer have hard copy manuals for everyone (they only keep 1 in the cockpit) and the information is kept on an iPad. “Charlie, I think we have a problem, the iPad battery died! Do you know how to fly this plane?” That’s all I think of, personally, when flying now. SCARY! I am well aware that digital is the way to go, however some informational items need to be kept in print – as in airline manuals! Haha!


If you think printing is dying, look in your mail box. How much junk mail are you still receiving? I bet it’s more than you think once you stop and really look at the items you are throwing away. A few years ago, the United States Post Office came out with their version of bulk mail, EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail), and while it still seems expensive postage-wise, mailings have become much more affordable for the smaller businesses. So, you are not only receiving mail from the large conglomerates (such as Chase and Citibank) you are now receiving postcards, flyers and other mailers from your local businesses. Previously mailings were completely out of reach for the small business, not so much now. Small businesses, as well as the larger ones, are keeping the printing industry alive and well!

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