What Does Color Say About Your Company?

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Did you know color is a very defining factor in company branding?

The implications of color’s effect on people’s emotions are far reaching. Understanding your company’s connections to certain colors could increase the effectiveness of your branding methods.

Red is considered a high-arousal color, often stimulating people to take risks. It may trigger feelings of power, energy, love, passion, aggression or danger.

Yellow may stimulate feelings of optimism, hope, cowardice or betrayal.

Blue feels like the coolness of the sea and sky. It has shown to lower blood pressure and calm senses. Blue activates feelings of security, trust, order and cleanliness. There is a very specific reason Twitter & Facebook are the color blue, it’s calming and comforting.

Orange shows feelings of energy, balance and warmth.

Green is connected with the coolness of leaves. It’s associated with nature, health, good luck and jealousy.


Color Psychology by Pantone


Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year Meaning

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