Coronavirus 2020 – Some Answers & Thoughts

Right now it’s all people are talking about, the Coronavirus or COVID-19. Everyday more & more people are testing positive, how can we protect ourselves. Well, the first thing is something we all learned when we were potty training – WASH YOUR HANDS WITH SOAP. I don’t want to say this is a no-brainer”, but come on peoplereally!?! We need to be reminded of this? Honestly, I’m disgusted even thinking about how many people DON’T wash their hands with soap after using a restroom – even after I’ve witnessed it myself. Ick!

So….how can we “protect” ourselves? Here is an article from CNN as of 3/10/20:

CNN article

As far as the St. Louis & surrounding areas…
KSDK has some information:

St. Louis Area

The main thing is:

  • wash your hands
  • don’t touch your face
  • don’t shake hands
  • be aware of family members and friends if they are exhibiting “symptoms”

and moreover DON’T PANIC.

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